The psychology of the baccarat player

The psychology of the baccarat player

05.12.2019 0 By Maomi Silver

Like it or not, psychology is an imminent part of gambling. And baccarat is no exception to the rule. Confronting another player or a croupier gives us adrenaline and the way we deal with this opposition varies depending on our personality. According to scientists, the more you play a game of chance, the more serotonin is released, a molecule that causes altered states of consciousness. When we play games of chance, we are not totally in control of ourselves. 

Can we then still talk about psychology?

Which motivation: pleasure or money?

In reality, psychology means motivation. What is the goal when you play baccarat in land-based casinos or on the Internet? Do you play to win money, or do you play for fun? According to studies, more than 60% of baccarat players have chosen baccarat because it brings them joy through the game. They feel “alive”. But this argument also applies to players who play for competition or to increase their financial capital. Each player has his or her own way of reacting, some are stressed, others are very calm. Badly then how do you combat these reactions? This is the question that many players are asking themselves and we have found this FAQ on online casino for players that will answer your questions while giving you some advice. Knowing how to hide your emotions is very important for casino players. While they are subject to more stress and pressure than the second category of players, they too feel alive through gambling. Excitement, hope, euphoria, bitterness, anger, all these feelings are bound to occur at least once in a baccarat player’s life. 

Why is this? Simply because whatever the game, the player is a being with a thought.

Psychological associations with baccarat

In baccarat, as in any other casino game, the player unconsciously makes psychological associations depending on the situation. Thus, when he wins, it increases his self-esteem, the respect he feels for himself. He also feels that he is able to make the right decisions at the right time, which improves his self-confidence and ego. On the other hand, if the gambler loses, he or she is likely to associate that failure with another unfortunate event that causes him or her pain and shame. All this to say that even in things as trivial as gambling, gamblers are 100% concerned. All the emotions we feel reinforce our feeling of being alive, of belonging to the world, and help us to escape the daily routine.

Passion, self-control and rationality

Professional baccarat players are well aware that altered states of consciousness cause indirect reactions on the mind and the way they play. One of the keys to gambling is to make sure that you develop a stable, purely reflectively governed game. If passions come into play at any point in the game, the gambler is at risk of making mistakes. It is therefore essential to work on controlling one’s emotions. The line between self-control and irrationality on the one hand and self-control and rationality on the other is a fine line. Make sure you play through logical reasoning and don’t let your emotions overwhelm you. If you fall into irrationality, you will certainly not be able to turn back!