The real game for real money!

The real game for real money!

07.10.2020 0 By Maomi Silver

Slot machines are probably the most popular game in online casinos. Also called slot machine, or in old-fashioned French Manchot vole, Bandit Manchot or slot machine as in Bardot’s song, it’s a simple yet very addictive game. The slot machine requires no special strategy or skill – just insert a coin – or in the case of the online casino, bet a small amount, then press a button and wait for the result to appear – and there are only two possibilities: you win, or you don’t, but you can also win a few points…. The screen displays a series of patterns: if they are similar, you win, if not, you lose.

Slot machines have been on the web for a long time. The online world changed in 1994 with the creation of a license allowing online gambling operators to put real money on the table. Microgaming, one of the last dinosaurs, launched its first online casino with the first slot machine. Three reels. Three reels is the basis, it’s history, it’s the classics, it’s the taste of the madeleine and for some people a Stendhal syndrome. The five-reel slot machines arrived after the 2000s and chased the three reels in the shadow of the rooms called “classic slot” at the end of a corridor, after a back door. 

So, let’s talk to you about the differences between these two types of online slots and may even tell you about a whole new generation of online slots.

The Mystery of Slots

Then, the question remains as to how much will we win, and what are the chances of winning, and there yes, besides luck and chance, there are some concrete elements that deserve to be analyzed, such as the different kinds of slot machines, the most profitable slot machines, the redistribution rate, the level of volatility, the variance… In the end, all this information, if well combined, helps us to choose the best slot machines and are as many paths leading to the jackpot (preferably progressive)! And since knowledge is power, let’s methodically explore these mysterious paths.

The different types of slot machines

Online casino gaming rooms offer a very wide range of slot machines. Each one of them has its own special features – things you need to know to increase your chances of winning or simply to make the game more exciting – especially since the developers of slot machine software have been focusing their efforts in recent years on the visual and sound aspects of slot machines. Many times you will be offered some of those famous free spins to test a new slot machine, free spins as they say insiders. Finally, there are also several ways to bet. So let’s go through all these possibilities.

Three-reel slot machines: another world

Yes, another world. It’s not even about the difference in graphics, we’ll talk about that later in the article, but about the design of a slot machine between two eras. It’s quite fascinating to see how the evolution of technology accompanies, or perhaps directs, the evolution of the way of thinking and designing an object. It’s not a bias. Evolution is a neutral term. Everyone will make up their own mind, and it is by playing that they will find the slot machine of their dreams, or at least that will suit their expectations. The 3D slot machine beyond evoking the time before has one more card to play. Make no mistake, if online casinos continue to offer them, there is still a lucrative market for them. Three-reel slots have a clearly identified advantage over the 5 slot. Simplicity: With only three reels, basic features, i.e. you won’t find or very few three-reel slots with wilds and Scatters. Anyone understands that the goal of the game is to have three cherries, three identical items. The payout table is very simple. The combinations are simple. It’s the slot machine for purists. No blah, no bling, no bling, no explosions, no cascading reels… It’s also a good option for beginners who will be able to get their hands on a simpler online slot machine that can serve as a gateway and tutorial for anyone who hasn’t touched an online or even a real slot machine. There are rarely more than 10 possible commissions. Betting is simpler, there is no question of betting on lines. Most of the time everything happens on the center reel.

The 3 reel machine: the most generous of all?

In any case, the most classic. For a long time now, most of us have considered this to be the case. At least, we are firmly convinced that with a 3-reel machine, the probability is greater than with a 5-reel machine – logically, the more symbols there are, the more possible combinations.

Let’s take a fairly simple example. We have a 3 reel machine with 20 symbols on each reel – that’s 1 chance in 8,000 to win. Let’s take the same number of symbols on each reel, but this time with a 5 reel machine. The probability goes from 1 in 8,000 to 1 in 3.2 million.

The number of symbols on a reel varies from one machine to another. Obviously, the probability depends on the total number of symbols.

So why choose machines with lower probabilities? Because if it is rarer, the jackpot is also bigger – again, logical!

On the other hand, for the more curious among you, the more you move towards the 5 reel slot period, the more you will see the 3 reels gradually mutate into a monster of technology armoured with functionality . The other aspect that we appreciate is the obviously retro side with the “cherry” items, the fruits in general the famous “BAR” that should make you go up to the ceiling when they will be aligned in the number of three. Advantage or disadvantage, the three roll slots are particularly long to reveal themselves. It is necessary to know how to play, to be patient, these are machines that were oriented high roller more than general public.